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10 Nov 2017 E’ arrivata la prima neve! Nevica sulle Dolomiti, e nevica tanto: le previsioni lo avevano preannunciato! [...]
24 Oct 2017 Apertura invernale Hotel Croce Bianca! Dal 22 dicembre 2017 ti aspettiamo nel nostro Boutique Hotel in centro a Canazei, a soli [...]
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Natural Recreation - Relaxation in Harmony

The Acqua Relax Vivenes - Hotel Croce Bianca Canazei - is our wonderful oasis of calm and well-being for body and mind...

It all starts with an itinerary of drips of hot water and cold water in order to reactivate blood circulation; it is recommended in preparation for the following phases.

Open every day from 3:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m. Admission prohibited to anyone under 14.


New for winter 2016/17 - HERBAL SAUNA

Temperature: 60 °C – 70 °C
Humidity: up to 20 %

The combination of temperature and humidity provides a highly stimulating immunological, dermatological, circulatory, respiratory and locomotion effects. To the sauna there is a computer guided supply of aromas (essential oils from Mediterranean plants).

Herbal sauna is an excellent alternative for those who prefer lower temperatures, or it can be an introduction to the Finnish sauna.


Duration of a sauna session: about 10-15 minutes

Frequency: 2-3 sessions

Temperature: 80-100 °C

Humidity: 10-30%

It activates your circulation and detoxes your body. Your immune system will love it! Naturally our Finnish sauna is made of local wood; it will stimulate and regulate perspiration, clean your pores and make your skin soft and supple. The steam of sprinkling water on the hot stones enables you to take a deep breath and boost your immune system.


PINE BATH (biosauna)

Duration of session : 5-23 minutes of session

Frequency: 2-3 baths

Temperature: 50-60 °C

Humidity: 45-55%

You will benefit of the regenerating power of warmth and the healing power of our Alpine herbs in our Herbal sauna (approx. 60°C).



Duration: about 10-15 minutes

Frequency: not more than 1-2 sessions

Temperature: 40-50 °C

Humidity: ca.90%

The combination of steam, mild radiant heat and natural fragrances creates a very unique experience. Relax and enjoy the variety of different aromas while gazing into the starry sky. The steam will erase all traces of your day-to-day life and heal your skin, hair and respiratory system. Length of stay: approximately 20 minutes



Duration: 20-30 minutes as preferred

Frequency: 1-2 bahts

Temperature: 25-40 °C

Humidity: pleasant, damp, warm





Duration: 5-10 minutes

Frequency: accrding to type of session

Temperature: 15-38 °C

Cold and warm - in our Kneipp-area you will feel the power of water. Different water temperatures awaken your senses and supply your body with a new energy and power. Especially recommended after a long walk, sunbathing or after an exhausting exercise session.




Croce Bianca  .  Leisure & Spa Hotel **** Strèda Roma,3 . Canazei TN . Val di Fassa . Trentino . Dolomites . Italy tel. +39-0462-601111 . fax +39-0462-602646 . office@hotelcrocebianca.com

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