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Ladies First


Green tea bath
Thanks to its pleasantly frizzy wrap-around perfume this bath restores the flow of energy throughout the body.
25 min. € 33,00


Red grapes & wild strawberry bath
Very rich concentrate based on virgin juice from red grapes and Tyrol wild strawberries, really anti-aging and invigorating. 25 min. € 33,00


Stress-relieving essential oil bath
Beneficial bath rich in fine oils soothing the mind and body.
25 min. € 33,00


Natural fresh water mud bath
The therapeutic properties of black mud were already known thousands of years ago when mud was used to stimulate both biological and circulatory activities. This bath restores the flow of energy, beneficially stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates
fatigue. 25 min. € 33,00


Salt bath enriched with Indian geranium oil
Salt will naturally help release toxins from your body through the deeply stimulating, draining and invigorating properties of smelling salts enriched with essential oils. 25 min. € 33,00


Sea salt & Peruvian balsam bath
Quite a unique cocktail of smelling sea salts. Mineral salts and essential oils that help remove impurity and stimulate the blood flow while smoothing your skin. 25 min. € 33,00


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